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Independent Study

Downloads should only take 10 to 15 minutes. If you are experiencing troubles downloading modules, please use the contact page.
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Thank you for stopping in. RTEC aims to provide you with the highest quality modules, while maintaining excellent customer service.

If you need assistance downloading modules, please visit the FAQ page for an instruction manual with illustrations. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us.

The Independent Study section is for students who NEVER attend college campus.

If you wonder which modules to order, the Department of Radiologic Sciences uses categories for the students who are enrolled in specific programs or courses. The Modules are organized based on these student categories. If you have a question, please contact us under the "Contact Us" page prior to ordering the Module.

    Radiography: The course material is the same for these student categories.
  • Campus: Students attend weekly classes on campus.
  • Provo: Students attend weekly classes in Provo.
  • Outreach: Students attend intensive class sessions on campus and in Cedar City, Cortez, Nephi, Price/Vernal, or Rock Springs.
  • Montana: Students attend intensive class sessions in Montana.

    Specialty Programs: (Advanced Radiography, CT, DMS Medical, DMS Cardiac, DMS Vascular, MRI, MRI-CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Women's Imaging) At the time of selection, students are accepted to either a Campus Program or a Regional Program. The campus or regional category should be adhered to for registration. The course material is the same for both programs and the students attend intensive class sessions on campus.
  • RPA-RA: Students are enrolled in the RPA-RA Program and attend on-campus intensive class sessions.

    Independent Study: Students do not attend courses on campus and are not on the academic semester system for Radiologic Sciences courses. Students complete course work through independent study using course modules, on-line computer instruction, and other electronic formats.

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